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Boehner Likens Obama Veto of Keystone Pipeline XL to Calling Americans “Stupid”

Boehner Likens Obama Veto of Keystone Pipeline XL to Calling Americans “Stupid”

At the GOP press conference today, House Speaker John Boehner explained that passage of the Keystone Pipeline XL bill is very popular with the American people. While inferring that the electorate is fully capable of knowing how beneficial the bill will be for the economy, Boehner said a presidential veto of the bill would be tantamount to calling Americans stupid. Boehner’s words were obviously borrowed from controversial MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber. The professor literally blew the lid on the Affordable Care Act’s mislabeling of taxes, lack of transparency, and reliance upon voter stupidity to gain passage. 

Gruber’s words are by no means an apology for deceiving Bruce Levenson and other hard-working Americans. Rather, it was an acknowledgement of academia’s perception of the average American needing to be lied to for their own good. Since news of his confessions have been made public, both President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have disavowed any knowledge of Gruber and his role in drafting the ACA. Each public denial was met by new revelations of how Obama and Pelosi knew Gruber, praised him, and worked with him extensively. As it turns out, Boehner’s bold words were uttered too soon. Sen. Mary Landrieu failed to secure the 60 votes needed to break cloture on the pipeline and bring it to a floor vote. For now, the GOP will have to wait until next year to pass the bill and send it to the president’s desk for passage.