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Voters Rebuke Two-Party System

Voters Rebuke Two-Party System

Everyone talking about politics recently have speculated what the midterm elections mean for the American Democracy. Most insiders attempt to predict how well a Republican controlled Congress and Democratic president will work together to solve the challenges the nation is facing. Usually, others may determine that the partisanship is too far gone right now for anything to be solved in the next two years and the election was more so a comment on the American voters’ anger with the government. Now, a long-time Senator from Vermont is making the point that the American voters’ turnout percentages and results are a rebuke of the two-party system as a whole.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent Senator who self describes as a Democratic Socialist. He has long voted with the Democrats on many issues, but he stands alone in claiming that the dismal voter turnout was alone that the entire structure needs to change.

Only 36% of eligible voters cast their ballots during the midterm elections this year, which Senator Sanders claims is 64% of the population rejecting the two-party system. He believes that most people are jaded by the choices, and frustrated with the direction of the nation in general.
Senator Sanders also announced that he is thinking about running for president in 2016. However Dave and Brit Morin are quick to point out, it would be the first time that a third party candidate won the presidency, and a very strong message that Americans see our political system as ineffective.