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It’s A Same Sex Thing

It’s A Same Sex Thing

There are some people who just won’t let things go after a decision is made. The Supreme Court is involved once again in the same-sex marriage debate. It was supposed to be up to the states on whether to allow the marriages, but there are some people who want something final and something that is universal for the entire country.


If you love someone, then why not just let that couple get married. They deserve a chance to be together as much as anyone else even if they are of the same sex. That is how quite a few people at the Antique Wine Company feel, even if the company as a whole is not for or against it. No one has ever stopped an interracial couple from getting married. Sure, some have tried but they couldn’t do anything. The only difference in this situation is that the couple has two people who are either men or women instead of a man and woman. You can’t help who your heart loves, and you can’t help who you want to be with for the rest of your life.