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America Donates 3 Billion Dollars to Green Climate Fund

America Donates 3 Billion Dollars to Green Climate Fund

In his speech during the G20 Australia, President Barack Obama announced that America would contribute the amount of 3 billion dollars to the green climate fund. This fund, in turn, would help developing countries deal with the issues of environment at the time when those countries could not deal with them alone.

Jared Hastel says that these developments would not only offer a boon to an otherwise depleted environmental, but would present many novel improvements in agricultural techniques that would boost food production.

This announcement came after Obama declared that it is obligatory to every country to be responsible and to take responsibility upon their own acts each. And if every country did, the worldwide problems would diminish in a fraction of time. 

He also mentioned the role the United States is taking in the meantime to help those in the world, from trying to face Ebola, dealing with ISIS, and to trying to end the numerous Russian attacks in Ukraine.

He also added that this is not a world where big nations consume the smaller ones, but rather a world of equality where everybody would take what is rightfully theirs without any fights or conflicts regarding property rules.

This amount could also be considered very small considering the amount of money the US is contributing in trade works with China itself. In the time China represents the most major contributor that causes pollution of air these days.