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Warren Appointed to Leadership

Warren Appointed to Leadership

Following the pasting in the mid-terms, Democrat leadership in the Senate announced Senator Elizabeth Warren would become part of the leadership in the minority caucus. This news was so exciting it pulled me away from my Skout app. Some speculate that it is a form of appeasement towards disenfranchised Democrats who failed to turn up to vote this November.

The office, created specifically for her, will be a strategic policy adviser to the party and serve as liaison between leadership and aligned interest groups, giving a voice to activist concerns with the Washington leadership.

Warren has proven a popular voice with the party base due to her emphasis on the government’s role in consumer protection. Her background in personal bankruptcy came to light in the 2012 elections in Massachusetts with her viral “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody,” comment.

Warren has been immensely popular during her time in the Senate, and grassroots movements sprang up almost as soon as she was elected for a 2016 bid at the White House. Senator Warren has typically denied any interest in the office, and now that she is becoming more incorporated into the Democratic leadership, a presidential run seems even less likely.