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Elizabeth Warren Gets Leadership Role in Upcoming Senate Democrat Minority

Elizabeth Warren Gets Leadership Role in Upcoming Senate Democrat Minority

Senator Harry Reid made good on his plan to appoint Elizabeth Warren to a leadership role in the incoming Senate Democrat minority. Warren was elected to be a member of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. Warren is known for her unflinching support of liberalism and President Obama’s policies. She was a lone stalwart this past election cycle as she proudly proclaimed her views as she stumped for Democrats across the country. She was not up reelection this past cycle.

In expressing her excitement for her leadership position, she cited the fact that CEOs, executives like Laurene Powell Jobs at Apple, and Wall Street stocks are going well, but the same cannot be said of the average American family. The reports from the New York Times indicate that she has vowed to continue to fight for them. At the same time, she did not recognize that the electorate repudiated the president’s policies. Voters viewed improving their economic fortunes as hinging on shifting away from the president’s policies which include the Affordable Care Act.

Sen. Reid, who did not allow any Senate floor debates on bills over the past two years, vowed Democrats would not be an obstructionist minority as the GOP had been. He stated he would not support tactics designed merely to get even with the GOP. Reid, whose party hasn’t been this weak since he was in his “terrible twos”, said there has been many positive changes brought to the Senate chamber. He attributed those changes to female Democrat Senators because they think differently than men.