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Agent On Cell Phone During White House Intrusio

Agent On Cell Phone During White House Intrusio

What is more important than protecting the president? Apparently sitting in your truck talking on your cell phone. Yep. Instead of taking care of the most important man in America, a job for which he was handsomely paid, one un-named Secret Service canine agent was not only talking on his cell, but he was sitting in his vehicle. Not only that, his most important piece of equipment, his radio, did not sound an alarm. To top it off, the agent left his back up radio in his locker.

The agent did take the time look out of the window though, and noticed the intruder being chased by another agent. He then joined in the chase with his canine companion, a full 11 seconds after veteran Omar Gonzales scaled the fence and began his approach to the White House.

11 seconds doesn’t sound like much time, but it was enough time for Gonzales to elude the agents and disappear into the bushes. My colleague Sam Tabar says the intruder should not have had the chance to get that close. The farce continued when he emerged from the bushes and agents made the assumption that the White House doors were locked and took their time in trying to reach him.

They eventually caught up with him inside, after he over powered a female agent that was too small to be effective against him. He had been detained on a prior occasion, but released as he had not broken any laws at the time.