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Attorney General Nominee Aggressive With Civil Forfeiture

Attorney General Nominee Aggressive With Civil Forfeiture

Frequently, presidents attempt to rush nominations for positions to try and protect their candidate from the opposition bogging down the approval in debate. Currently, President Obama is trying that very tactic with his nomination of Loretta Lynch. The president is hastening the process so that her approval can come before the new, majority Republican, Senate takes over in January. However, with her links to civil asset forfeiture many are calling for more pause in the decision.

Civil asset forfeiture has been featured throughout the news recently. Basically, Skout reports indicate that  it is a rule that allows police departments to seize and sell property which is somehow implicated in a crime. Many people do not know that the person who has property seized does not need to have been convicted or even accused to have that property seized. The money gained from the sale of the property goes directly to the police department in charge of the seizure.

In fiscal year 2013, Ms. Lynch reported that her office collected more than $904 million in civil asset forfeitures. As a prosecutor, Ms. Lynch has been noted to be particularly aggressive with forfeitures. As one of the most hotly debated topics for the past several months, civil asset forfeiture would most likely be the first priority on whoever were to succeed Eric Holder as Attorney General. This is the position that Loretta Lynch is up for, meaning that perhaps the debate process around her appointment should be more thorough.