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Voter Registration Laws Change Midterms

Voter Registration Laws Change Midterms

Many cases that have been heard by state courts and the Supreme Court in recent years has been on the subject of voter suppression. In many Republican controlled legislatures, voter identification requirements and early ballot submission regulations are being introduced with the excuse that they protect elections from voter fraud. These extra regulations being introduced cost Americans time and money if they wish to cast a ballot, even though there have been two cases of voter fraud in the last few decades.

The registration requirements disproportionately effects low-income Americans, which is why the Democrats suspect the true intention of Republicans introducing these mandates is to win future elections by inhibiting Americans from voting who would typically vote Liberal.

It’s difficult to find causation, but in recent elections historically low turnout was seen. In fact, voter turnout for the recent midterms was the lowest level since 1942. By analyzing the margin of victory of Republicans over Democrats, Wendy Weiser concluded that the margin of victory is well within the margin of disenfranchisement. This means that without certain voter registration requirements recently instilled in these states, the races may have been more competitive or swayed in the direction of Democrats.
It’s unsettling for many experts to see these mandates swing an election while they are still being fought out in the Supreme Court. Of course, no one knows how the disenfranchised would have voted but many people like Tom Rothman find it unfortunate that they didn’t have the right.