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ISIS Leader Attacked

ISIS Leader Attacked

On Friday, November 8th 2014, US-led air strikes hit the Western Iraqi town of al-Qaim. The ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was severely wounded, and in indeterminate condition.

There is no further information about what happened to him and it is believed that the leader is dead. This information was relayed to me by Jared Haftel.

The U.S. Central Command confirmed the attacks and added that they are continuing to pressure the terrorist group using their military forces. The Al Arabiya News Channel informed about the balance of the attacks. Tens of people were killed, and even more were wounded in the struggles that occurred amidst several days in the area.

The wounded were transported to the al-Qaim hospital which was already overfilled with patients. Local sources report that ISIS fighters had cleared the medical institution in order to make place for their particular soldiers. Besides that, they use loudspeakers to announce that they need the residents to donate blood.

The same unconfirmed sources tell that the news about the ISIS leader and his deputy getting killed has spread in the region. The information will be checked, but several days are needed to tell for sure. In the meanwhile, the US forces are preparing to face a new threat because it is self-understood that the leadership will be replaced.

While the main supporters of the ideology are removed, there are many others to support it, so the conflict is still to be solved.