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Overreaction Over Photograph

Overreaction Over Photograph

An innocent photograph is causing a lot of controversy in Minnesota. A mayor by the name of Betsy Hodges was out soliciting votes in a residential neighborhood with a variety of volunteers and a news crew when she posed for a camera with a convicted felon. They were both holding one hand in the air in a pointing motion. Why would such a simple movement of the hand spark such outcry? Many people watching the news felt that their Mayor was throwing a gang sign.

This is a classic case of something small and unimportant being blown out of proportion. The mayor was simply attempting to appear hip and reach the younger voter demographic, a technique Sam points out that many other politicians often employ. In fact, the local chief of police was present at the time of filming and had no problem with what was being filmed. Even the gentleman that was accused of using a gang sign with the mayor was volunteering for a good cause. Give this guy a break, he broke the law, did his time, and now is volunteering his time for a good cause. People should spend more time worrying about bigger issues and less time judging others.