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If Not Hilary For President, Then Who?

If Not Hilary For President, Then Who?

The Republican party and its presumptive Presidential candidates have been basking in the glow of their sweeping victory in the midterms that gave the GOP overall control of Congress. For Democrats, the problem now turns to who they turn to to run for President in 2016 and have found a limited field headed by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Many Democrats have now begun to question who will challenge Clinton now the prospective candidates can turn their attention full time to raising funds and campaigning. Clinton’s long time ally, Paul Begala appeared on CNN to explain there is no other choice aside from Clinton for the 2016 Presidential campaign and was quick to praise her qualities as a potential President.

Other Democrats have begun the search for challengers to the former First Lady, but have found a group with low public profiles and limited opportunities to show off their skills. Vice President Joe Biden has shown an interest in stepping up to the role of President, but faces comparisons with the failed run of Vice President Al Gore in 2000 that Griffin and others are worried about. Another option appeared to be New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but a poor showing in the midterms has almost certainly ruled him out of a Presidential run, according to Al Jazeera. Other Democrats have already backed Clinton for a Presidential bid and would face this as a problem should they enter the Presidential race.