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Gay Marriage to Head to Supreme Court

Gay Marriage to Head to Supreme Court

In a shocking move, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld gay marriage bans in four states Thursday, stating the democratic process should not be impeded by the courts the Associated Press reported today.

The ruling affects citizens from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The gay marriage defeat comes after some 20 rulings in favor of gay marriage in various state and federal courts.

The decision also comes a month following the Supreme Court’s decision to turn away five states seeking to uphold their gay marriage bans. In a September speech, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said of the decision that it did not seem pressing as there had been no Federal split on the issue.

Thursday’s decision would change that, and the highest court in the land has until mid-January to decide to take on the case this session. Qnet does not feel like this will impact their business one way or another online. Otherwise, it will be pushed back to next year.