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Keeping Up With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Keeping Up With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie is truly an interesting case study. He has been thoroughly mentioned as a possible 2016 presidential candidate, but at the same time many feel that he is very hot-tempered and that could be a political liability. Christie is also known as a very opinionated individual, and here are several things he has said recently:

1. He has not yet made a decision to run for president in 2016.

Running for president is a decision that he will make on his “own timetable” and not a decision that he is going to rush. He did note, however, that his seemingly endless campaigning for candidates for the 2014 midterms gave him and his family a picture of just what a potential presidential run could entail.  Following what might happen is something Keith Mann plans on doing in the next months.

2. He would yell at the heckler again.

During a recent speech on Hurricane Sandy, Christie came under fire for his abrasive manner in dealing with a heckler. He said, however, that he does not regret yelling at the heckler and would indeed do it again. He feels that he should not have to change his personality if he is running for the office of president either.

3. He feels that the 2014 midterm race results were an indictment on President Obama.

Although President Obama wasn’t campaigning, his policies were. Christie said that he feels that the voters spoke loud and clear that they vehemently disagree with Obama’s policies.