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Russia Shows More Aggression Towards Ukraine

Russia Shows More Aggression Towards Ukraine

Although NATO just has criticism for the movement of 32 more tanks to the rebel held area of the Ukraine, the Russians have also added 16 Howitzer Cannons, and 30 Truckloads of soldiers and equipment.

Which means they are blatantly ignoring the Minsk (ceasefire) Protocol. Petro Poroshenko Ukraine’s President was astounded by the action which gives a boost to further destabilizing the Ukraine. Just over two months ago on the 5th of September The ceasefire was put into place, which was meant to stem the tide since 4,000 live have been lost.  Russian President Vladimir Putin devised the ceasefire, but was it to give him time to create a larger plan?

The actions are making everyone nervous and to prove Russia may be getting in too deep. there is panic in currency markets as the Euro reached the 60 Ruble mark. This has made it lose a third of its value to the U.S, Dollar.

A controversial election was held Sunday and Alexander Zacharchenko a separatist leader being sworn in as the now from what Mike Livak said, self declared leader. of what they are calling the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Thuesday to prove there was no longer a ceasefire five Ukrainian Soldiers were killed and sixteen others wounded. Ukrainian and rebels are still fighting.

Putin will be meeting with World Leaders from the UK and France and maybe Obama. Attending the Asia-Pacific Summitt