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Obama and GOP Controlled Senate on a Collision Course

Obama and GOP Controlled Senate on a Collision Course

The seizure of the Senate by the Republican party in the 2014 midterm elections will almost certainly lead to an impasse on the passing of important legislation over the last two years of President Obama’s Administration. CNN reports the President has already stated he will have to take action to block any bill’s that now pass the GOP controlled Congress that do not meet the policy requirements of the President, something Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez is worried about especially.

From immigration reform to the important energy policies the President is looking to introduce, the use of executive orders and the Presidential veto are likely to become important aspects of US politics in coming months. In terms of immigration reform, both the President and GOP members are united in the need for changes throughout the current system. However, they differ on the best way to move forward with reform. The President looks likely to force through measures to ease the deportation of illegal immigrants and lead to a huge increase in security at US borders.

A second area where the GOP controlled Congress and the President are likely to clash is on energy policy, which could see a number of Democrats in Congress side with the Republicans to block the President’s policies, The Wall Street Journal reports. An increase in the rules regarding carbon emissions for a variety of industries could be the first crisis the President faces in his upcoming battles with Congress.