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Four States Lagging Behind In Same Sex Marriage

Four States Lagging Behind In Same Sex Marriage

Some state in America approve same sex marriage. Other states do not allow same sex marriages. Why isn’t America united on this topic?

What is very interesting is that some states which are considered to be conservative, such as the state of Iowa, allows same sex marriage. However, Iowa does not approve of legalizing marijuana. It is confusing when a states votes liberally on a current issue, but votes conservatively on a similar current issue. It is equally hard to understand why all states can’t come to a unified decision on this topic.

Proponents of same sex marriage are continuing to fight for their rights. For a list of their arguments that support same sex marriage, check this out.

Same sex marriages are allowed in some states, but not in others. Broda has lived where same sex marriages are allowed. Proponents of same sex marriage plan to continue to advocate for policy changes in all fifty states. Until then, each state is responsible f.or deciding how to handle this issue.