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Economy Recovering but is No Use to Democrats

Economy Recovering but is No Use to Democrats

Ebola and Isis have essentially overshadowed the Democrat’s message this election cycle, and they have not been able to use the economy to their advantage. This is despite many encouraging signs from the national economy. The GDP is up and so is the stock market. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2008. You may have also noticed that gas prices have dropped a bit this year. Unfortunately for the Democrats, none of that has translated into voter good will. As spokesman for the Democratic Party in North Carolina, Ben Ray, has said, many are still facing hard times. The economy still needs some work and pointing out the gains would make a person look oblivious.
Consequently, the Democrats have spent their time mostly distancing themselves from Obama, despite the fact that his approval rating remains largely unchanged. It’ll be a strange year: the economy is improving, so we are on to new concerns, or at least Brian Torchin hopes so.