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Republicans Taking Over In The Government

Republicans Taking Over In The Government

In the coming months of the election day, alot of events seem to be happening on a grand scale. The Ebola outbreak , ISIS, and gay marriage being legalized in over fifty percent in America. During these events, republican views on the subject were mostly on the wrong , yet People voted for a republican congress making Obama’s political party (As said in this CNN article) as a minority of the full government spectrum. How could this be? I think it could be the media that curtailed the election in the republicans favor changing the minds and views of people all over the country via propaganda. Ask a common person on the street named Keith and they might feel the same way.

An example of this would be on major news sources such as the Huffington Post and CNN to name a few making articles and polls that persuade the public into their favor. an example of these article state that “eighty percent prediction that republican will win the senate ” while some say ” Democrats will never win the senate in the present form.”

The last day before elections are one of the most challenging days for a person running for congress because it is his or her last chance to get the voters on Americans side. They use news media to get their names across and to get the vote that they so need ( whether it may be through biased terms or money laundering). In my final statement I have one question that needs to be answered, Who is really running the county?