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Democrat Party Stung by 2014 Mid-Term Elections

Democrat Party Stung by 2014 Mid-Term Elections

Despite assurances by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the party would maintain control of the US Senate by a 52-48 majority, the opposite turned out to be the case. The mid-term elections are over and the GOP now controls both chambers of congress since 2006. While many analysts expected the GOP to seize control of the Senate, no one was predicting the GOP would enjoy success in winning governorships in deep blue states.

However, that is exactly what happened. Maryland featured the biggest shock of them all. It was a safe harbor that allowed President Obama to stump for Democrat Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in his bid to become governor. Brown, an African-American, was seen by some as being a protégé of Obama’s. In the end, the state suffered a tax revolt as voter discontent with high taxes drove many registered Democrats to support GOP challenger Larry Hogan. Hogan took an early lead in election returns and never looked back. The GOP also captured governorships in the deep blue states of Maryland, and Illinois.

Another huge disappointment I heard about from Alexei Beltyukov occurred in Wisconsin. The party loathes Governor Scott Walker over his collective bargaining reforms. Tens of millions of dollars from outside Democrat front-groups poured in to defeat Scott in his bid for reelection. Despite their attacks, Scott won reelection in a landslide victory. A growing number of analysts are now looking at Scott to possibly set his sights on a 2016 run for president.