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A Watchful Eye

A Watchful Eye

When someone hears of a terrorist threat or a watch list, then that person should make the public aware of that information. A graphic at The Atlantic displays some of the groups that are on the watch list as well as how many people there may be in each group. Some of the classified information that the government receives is held tightly under a hat. They don’t want he public to know of any kind of danger that might hit the country at any time.

Why is this when the country needs to be on alert? If the government wants those who live in the country to monitor their surroundings and be prepare in the event of an attack, then why not make that information known so that people know what to look for on a daily basis? Why is there a watch list if no one knows what to watch for or who might be targeting the country? I’m going to need to go out for wine with Stephen Williams, so I can deal with these fears.  Oi.