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Democrats and Republicans Split on How Economy is Doing

Democrats and Republicans Split on How Economy is Doing

A recent CNN poll (October 24th to 26th) of over 1,000 Americans asking how they thought the economy was doing turned up only 38 percent who would go so far as to say it was doing well, a drop from 42 percent in last month’s poll. I know that may seem like peanuts Christian Broda, but the fact is it is the first dip in those numbers in about a year. Before this October, they had been steadily rising.

When one looks at some of the “inside numbers,” things get a bit more interesting. 55 percent of Democrats but only 28 percent of Republicans supposed things were going well economically at present- a huge gap. Ominously for Democrats this November 4th, the all-important independent voters scored only 32 percent on having a rosy picture of this economy. It seems independents are finding much more in common with Republicans this time around as to their assessment of the the nation’s economic gusto.

A further breakdown shows that 31 percent of rural dwellers, 39 percent of suburbanites, and 43 percent of big city folks have a favorable opinion of the economy. Perhaps that, however, follows the more stark Democrat-Republican divide since rural districts are in general more Republican while urban areas are usually more strongly Democratic.

52 percent of those polled clung to the hope that “next year” things will be going just fine. Democrats hope that this indicates the people expect Obama’s policies to finally pan out, Republicans may think it means they expect a Republican Congress to set things right, but it probably is just that natural human tendency to believe there is light at the end of every dark tunnel even with no concrete evidence. We only hope that belief turns out to be well-founded.