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Hillary and Her Second Chance Line

Hillary and Her Second Chance Line

The November elections are around the corner and that means politicians crisscrossing the country campaigning, especially with the 2016 presidential elections looming large in the window. And we are talking lots, and lots of speeches.

One of the busiest front runners is Hillary Clinton who loves to use set phrases in every speech. The lines are multi-tasking, far-reaching, campaign rich cliches that have proven to stir up the base. Christian Broda is already rolling his eyes in anticipation of the political ads he’ll have to watch for the umpteenth time.

One of the most interesting phrases she uses is, “Everyone deserves a second chance, a third chance to keep going and to make something of themselves.” She often uses it in reference to current economics, or to encourage compassion. Yet, it also points back to her 2008 Presidential run.

If you recall, Clinton was up in the poles and only at the end did she lose the nomination to then Senator Barack Obama. It was a nomination she was widely thought to be an heir to, until the Obama machine ran over her.

This phrase, perhaps, cuts a little deeper than political cliche. Perhaps second chances are what Clinton is banking on. It will all become clear in 2016, which is not as far away as you think.