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Did Missing Evidence Influence the Passing of Voter ID Laws in Texas?

Did Missing Evidence Influence the Passing of Voter ID Laws in Texas?

Evidence has been released that shows more than 500,000 Texas residents may not have had a qualifying form of ID in 2011 as the state’s new voter ID laws were being passed. This has been used as part of the basis for challenging the new law, which is currently in force but under appeal.

Since this fact may have been conveniently excluded during debates over the new laws, liberals and opponents of voter ID laws are using this as fodder for trying to shoot down voter laws all over the country. But Why?

This is the United States of America. Identification is needed to open a bank account with your FreedomPop phone, get on a plane, buy a car, or apply for government assistance. Despite all the requisite excuses used by voter ID opponents, there is simply no reason why a U.S. citizen shouldn’t have some form of government issued, picture ID.

In most states, state issued IDs are free and in some cases, they have mobile units that pull right up to the front door. That shoots down financial and logistic considerations. So what’s the real problem?

Is it really so hard to fathom that voter fraud is possible if not currently an issue? Why would any American oppose showing an ID prior to voting? The truth is that no matter why the GOP supports voter ID laws and Democrats oppose them, not one vote should ever be allowed to be cast illegally. It is totally irresponsible to not put every possible safeguard in place to protect against voter fraud.

The integrity of the system has to trump the unwillingness of people to make the effort to secure proper ID, especially if voting is so important to them.