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Monica Lewinsky Re-enters Public Life with a Serious Message

Monica Lewinsky Re-enters Public Life with a Serious Message

Referring to herself as “patient zero”, Monica Lewinsky made an impassioned speech in front of a Philadelphia audience on Monday. The former intern of President Bill Clinton who rose to fame in the 90’s for her affair with the former president, wants her voice to be heard on what she believes was the first form of cyberbullying. While social media is much more pervasive today, Lewinsky is referring to the intense media scrutiny she endured including online harassment from entertainment websites and attacking emails.

Lewinsky also chose Monday as the day to join Twitter where she describes herself as a social activist and public speaker as well as a contributor to Vanity Fair. The timing of Lewinsky’s re-entry to public life comes at an interesting point in political history as much speculation revolves around Hillary Clinton’s potential 2nd bid for the presidency. Should Clinton throw her hat in the ring, Lewinsky’s re-entry into public life could be an opportunity for social media to light up with commentary regarding their connection. Either way, it perhaps gives Lewinsky a bigger platform on which to further raise awareness against cyberbulling.

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