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Republicans Threaten Another Government Shutdown

Republicans Threaten Another Government Shutdown

In today’s evidence that Congress needs a pay cut, is Senator Marco Rubio once again threatening speaker John Boehner with a government shutdown, if Obamacare funding is not cut.

The new budget proposal provides a small amount of funding for one subsidiary of the Affordable Care Act. This close to midterm elections, the Republicans can’t afford to look weak, as this could be construed as a victory for senate Democrats.

Our tax dollars, which we can’t choose to not pay them, are going to a bunch of guys that are sitting in a room, and not doing anything. For fear it could negatively impact their campaign strategies.

Now, not only are they going to get paid for nothing, they’re also going to shut down the government, so that the people who actually work for a living will not be paid. People like Keith Mann are literally forced to support these guys financially…while they make the small government employees suffer for the sake of a political statement.


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  1. Brenda Fishkin says:

    We’re already in the lame duck session, so we know these guys are basically getting paid to do nothing. So naturally, they’re threatening to do what they’ve been doing the last six years for nothing. The fact is that cheap paper writing can also make everything appear so well for these ones too.

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