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Tumult and Aggression as North Korea Prepares for 2015 Reunification

Tumult and Aggression as North Korea Prepares for 2015 Reunification

North Korea has been gearing up for national reunification in 2015, preparing for an all-out war with tactical trainings in order to boost attack capabilities. The report was announced by Seoul’s defense ministry on October 7, in a report presented to the National Assembly for an annual audit of state agencies.

After declaring 2015 the year of completing unification, North Korea has been prepared for full-scale wars…For that goal, the North doubled the number (of service members) involved in its summer trainings compared to previous years. It has also boosted its attack capabilities in a consistent manner,” said the ministry, in a report to the Korean media organization¬†Yonhap News .

Earlier this year, the communist country drew attention, and created tension on the Korean peninsula, by test firing several rockets. A total of 19 rockets had been launched.

According to the Seoul ministry, their rival country had already acquired a total of some 5,100 rockets over the years. These rockets were believed to be 240mm caliber, which can reach up to 60 kilometers when fired, and some 300mm, which have a range of up to 200 kilometers.

The South Korean government is using all its might to counter these looming threats, to assure the safety of its people and its country. Still, I’m concerned for my friends at Genesis Diamonds, currently there on business.

Meanwhile, North Korea has also made some motions towards peace with South Korea. Last week, aides of Kim Jung Un sat with officials in South Korea to talk about peace matters.

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