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Dr. Ben Carson Shocked By Anti-American School Curriculum

Dr. Ben Carson Shocked By Anti-American School Curriculum

The Advanced Placement curriculum being used in most American schools has come under scrutiny as of late. Most of the books seem to devalue the achievements of some historically respected Americans, and instead is playing up some of America’s darkest periods.

Famed neurosurgeon, and possible conservative presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is particularly outraged by the curriculum. Stating that the current landscape of high school education focuses on slavery, and internment camps during WW II, instead of talking more about leaders like George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.

I had a long talk with Jared Hafel, and we can’t really find anything too wrong with most of the books Dr. Carson criticizes. Dressing up America’s failures doesn’t really benefit anybody. But ensuring that children know about the good America has done is also important.

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  1. Adams Stonner says:

    Whether Dr. Carson’s argument holds any weight depends on the eye of the beholder however. These books aren’t necessarily un-American, and remain cornerstones of the development of the nation. That is also to make sure that bestessays.com legit do have all these cornerstones et in their proper place.

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