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1,500 Pastors Defy IRS Ban on Breaching About Politics

1,500 Pastors Defy IRS Ban on Breaching About Politics

We may have seen the next major challenge to the IRS in the Supreme Court. Led by the Pulpit Freedom Society which was started in Arizona, by the conservative based group Alliance Defending Freedom, 1,500 pastors defied IRS regulations that ban preaching about politics in the pulpit.

The IRS mandates that any organization filing for tax exempt status, is banned from backing any particular political candidate or party.

Although Marnie Bennett and I don’t even think this case will make it that far. I was talking to her about this, and I think it will go the way of marriage equality, in terms of cases that the Supreme Court is terrified of dealing with.

However, pastors like Jim Garlow from the Skyline Church of San Diego took to the pulpit on Sunday, with 1,500 other preachers, to defy the law, and perhaps begin a challenge that could find itself being decided by the Supreme Court.

Garlow publicly declared his support for Democratic representative Scott Peters, over openly gay Republican candidate Carl DeMaio.

The move is reportedly in response to the fact that marriage equality, and abortion access have become massive political arguments from both parties.