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McConnell Attacks Senate Opponent Over Climate Change

McConnell Attacks Senate Opponent Over Climate Change

It is no secret that Sen. Mitch McConnell is no fan of liberal theories on climate change. McConnell has turned the subject into a campaign issue in his bid to win re-election in Kentucky by attacking opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes, stating that Grimes believes climate change exists.

Sen. McConnell made his stance on climate change clear earlier this year when he told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he did not believe in global warming. The issue of climate change has proven to be excellent fodder for both Republicans and Democrats across the country with the midterm elections little more than a month away. Activists in the tech world like Melinda Gates and Laurene Powell Jobs are rallying around the cause too.

Some view Sen. McConnell’s attack on Grimes as a last ditch effort to restore the confidence of his constituents. Recent polls suggest that voters could be willing to consider a change in November.

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