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Dead-of-night emails, texts, and messages are just a few of the indications that Thor Halvorssen is not an average human right activist, but a person dedicated to something far much greater than himself. His lineage dates back to Norwegian kings consul in Venezuela. Thor’s mother is of the descendants of Venezuelan president Cristobal Mendoza. Mr Halvorssen is 39 years old and is the founder of Human Rights Foundation based in New York. Human rights and individual liberty, according to Thor are the table upon which other discussions rest. His knowledge comes not in theory but from a first-hand experience. His father got tortured in Caracas prison for exposing corrupt government officials. Additionally, his mother was shot dead during a demonstration and his first cousin, Leopold Lopez, is currently a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Thor loves people, and mostly those that stands up against tyranny. The freedom troublemakers that blows spitballs at authoritarians are the kind of individuals he loves most. Thor has spent days in a Vietnamese jail for taping an interview of Thich Quang Do, a patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church who was under house arrest. He considered himself as a classical liberal. His foundation hires based on mission. As long as you share the same goal, the political inclination is irrelevant. Today, HRFs annual Oslo Freedom Forum is a can’t-miss event for human rights activist.

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan based human rights activists. Additionally, he is a film producer and takes a keen interest in the production of films related to public policy, individual rights, civil liberties and pro- democracy advocacy. Thor got identified by several media groups as a maverick who fights for the powerless. In 2013, a profile in BuzzFeed described him as a man righting the wrongs and injustices made by dictators with an equal might as the dictators. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual festival for human right activists. Click here to know more.

Halvorssen is the president of HRF. This foundation empowers people by teaching them their fundamental human rights. Additionally, it fights for the human rights by organizing demonstrations and petitioning the government. He is also a patron of a children’s peace movement called On Own Feet.

Venezuelan-born activist Thor Halvorssen has devoted much of his life to championing the causes of freedom and human rights. Halvorssen’s inspiration came from his parents, whom stood up to tyranny through most of his childhood.

In 2005, Mr Halvorssen founded and serves as the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Human Rights Foundation, a New York City-based organization. During the Foundation’s 12 years in existence, it has advocated for the release of political prisoners, challenged oppressive governments that foster hatred and intolerance amongst minorities and challenged celebrities and political leaders who have associated with or profited from relationships with dictators and other human rights violators.

The success of the Human Rights Foundation motivated Halvorssen, in 2009, to establish the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which offers a forum for human rights defenders to share ideas and formulate new and innovative human rights advocacy campaigns. Also in 2009, Halvorssen became Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. This organization fosters relationships between young people in western nations and those hailing from war torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Halvorssen’s work has made him a leading authority on human rights issues. He has authored articles for such notable publications as Time Magazine, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post. In addition, Halvorssen has appeared on major television news programs in the United States and across the world. Click here to know more.

Halvorssen has also successfully branched into the film industry. Works he has produced have featured prominent actors and examined topics like the Soviet dictatorship and the political biases seen at American universities. However, the work which garnered Halvorssen the most critical acclaim and public scrutiny was “The Sugar Babies,” which studies the issue of human trafficking.

The internet has been popularly known as the internet of things. This is because the internet has made all things accessible at once. Everything is a click away from the consumer. Internet connectivity has made different things that were not popular in the society visible. The power of the web cannot be underestimated. Honey Birdette is an Australian Lingerie brand. It has launched an e-commerce platform in the United States. Honey Birdette is taking advantage of the internet. It is targeting the online economy of the Unite States. E-commerce has become popular because of its convenience. Honey Birdette has launched an e-commerce platform to sell different products via the internet.

Honey Birdette is popular because of their unique products. This aspect of the brand puts them ahead of their competitors because consumers enjoy unique products. The Australian brand has trained their staff to become acquitted with the America culture. This will facilitate the brand to attract consumers because customers enjoy people who understand their way of life. The brand has used this as a marketing strategy that enables the company to make more profits. The company’s goal is to introduce a new platform in the United Kingdom to meet the needs of consumers in the United Kingdom.

This shows that the popularity of a product promotes other products in a market. Honey Birdette is using the popularity of their brand to promote the e-commerce product that they have launched. It is evident that the popularity of their first brand promotes the products the company will launch in the future. Companies should learn to build various brands using the lasting images that they have to build in the market. This promotes the easy and available market. Companies should strive to create a lasting image so that it is easy to launch another product.

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For thousands of years, Kabbalah has successfully remained focused on its mission of obtaining the hidden knowledge of God, such as God’s creations for the visible and invisible universe. Until now, Kabbalah is explained as a concealed knowledge or Jewish mysticism. Kabbalah has been presented as ancient wisdom passed down via oral traditional to handpicked individuals starting from Adam to Abraham, and eventually to Moses. Centuries ago, this knowledge was reserved for a select group of married men aged 40 years and above. Precisely, the Jews’ general preference was responsible for limiting the spread of Kabbalah teachings and more information click here.

Factors that hindered the spread of Kabbalah

Jewish men in their early 20s and late30s could choose to study directly from a qualified Kabbalist. However, personal studies were met with strict restrictions. Accessing written materials such as books and manuscripts proved to a difficult task since they were scarce and expensive. Women, children, and uneducated men were never considered for any formal training irrespective of if the training sessions were taking place next to their homes. The main reason behind the restrictions of Kabbalah dissemination is that it exposed Godly matters that were a bit concealed in Torah. This ancient knowledge focused on the inner characters of God rather than outer perceptions and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

The rise of Kabbalah

In the early 13 century, more people started to study Kabbalah and its aspects were introduced into traditional Jewish rituals and beliefs. Between 1500 and 1800, the wisdom became popular among Jewish communities based in the Middle East and Europe. Jerusalem became a promising center for studying Kabbalah in the 1900s and attracted men from all over the world, including Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the brains behind The Kabbalah Center. He was born back in 1885 in Warsaw and brought up by a Chasidic family. He had an opportunity to study the traditional Jewish education. He started learning Kabbalah at a tender age, and the works of Rav Isaac Luria impressed him a lot. RavAshlag recruited several students but increasingly focused on sharpening the skills of one of his most talented and committed students, RavBrandwein. After the demise of RavAshlag, Brandwein took up the responsibility of disseminating the Kabbalah wisdom. With the help of his wife (Karen), Brandwein introduced Kabbalah in the U.S. by instituting a Kabbalah Center and resume its.

Securus Technologies is not necessarily your ordinary form of communications. It is a communications system that is bringing people together by providing both inmates and their visitors with an opportunity of communicating with one another in as convenient of a way as possible. If you would like to utilize Securus Technologies for your forms of communications, please do not hesitate to see whether it is currently being offered for usage at the correctional facility where you need to speak to an inmate at, or if that is where you are incarcerated in and need to speak to visitor(s).


Anyone can visit the Securus Technologies website to see what they are currently offering. It is a website that is regularly updated and offers press releases from which people can stay updated on. There are no many programs that offers the same benefits Securus Technologies does, thus, it is highly recommended for people to ensure they are doing what they can to utilize it if the necessity arises.


Law enforcement agencies have access to the communications that takes place between inmates and their visitor(s), thus, encouraging them to avoid speaking about or engaging in criminal matters. If needed, the conversations that are conducted can be handed over to the courts for investigative purposes. Securus Technologies offers its communicative platform through the utilization of a videoconferencing method of communications, one which is absolutely safe and secure. If needed, you can find more information on the website and customer service representatives are available to assist if and when needed. They are fully and properly trained to assist in any matters pertaining to one’s utilization of the Securus Technologies communications program. They can assist with both sign up processes and installation.


Choosing a deep subject such as French wine for your discussion could seem like a task that wouldn’t be an easy thing to perform. Even the connoisseurs who hold a plethora of experience can easily get overwhelmed because of the complex nature of production and labeling of labeling in whole France. To have a better understanding of this subject, beginners should comprehend a few basics.

As per a globally acclaimed company to UKV PLC, beginners must start off by getting familiar with French system that deals in the appellation. French wines primarily labeled between as per the regions. The place name would identify because of a system that is regulated by the government and defines the varieties of grape and practices for appellation process.

An idea about the particular region plays a crucial role in the final wine comes from the terroir, a French concept. This notion usually refers as to how climate, altitude, soil, local tradition, and topography offer a unique character to the wine if used properly. A French sommelier might argue that the location where wine produced is as important as the kind of grape that would use.

UKV PLC, as an independent company, isn’t associated with a limited supply chain and that’s what makes UKV PLC unique that it makes its product and then market the product that is manufactured by UKV PLC so that there would be no doubt of fake products or wines. It allows UKV PLC a greater access to priceless fine wines.

There is a lot of conflict in the world today. Although no major wars between large countries are going on, there is still a lot of things that people are having to worry about. In poor nations, the leaders are looking for a way to have more control over their people. Oftentimes, this results in conflict with neighboring nations or with leaders from their own country. Over time, a lot of people have had issues in this area with everything that is going on. If you are ready to learn how to help other people in your life and career, Avaaaz is the organization that you should go to. This is a growing company that is doing a lot of good in the world to stop conflict in areas where it is needed most.


One of the biggest issues with global conflict is that it usually drains the resources in a general area. Over time, this can have a huge impact on the quality of life of people who are living there. If you are ready to learn how to take your life to a new level, Avaaaz is a group of people who can help out. They are ready and willing to help others in whatever way they can, and it is going to stay that way over the long term. With the great group of people they have working for them, they are excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Avaaaz is a company that is ready and willing to do what it takes to solve conflict in the world. There are a lot of places that need help in the form of additional resources in order to sustain life in their area. Now is the time to try and figure out how to do this at a high level.

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An article written, by Elizabeth Segran, at Fast Company introduces the idea that EOS lip balm beats its competition, Chapstick, through carefully planned marketing and design strategies. It has taken EOS seven years to reach the explosive status of being called a $250 million company, but the founders would probably say it was their plan to become a huge success from the very beginning.

Three men, Mehra, Teller, and Dubitsky all decided to brainstorm ideas on beauty products they could surprise people with inside the everyday drugstore. They decided on lip balm, because what was already available was boring, and their makers weren’t putting any effort into making them better. The decided to create a product that would excite the senses. This would include a soft, round package that clicked when it closed, smelled good, and even tasted good. They wanted to get away from anything already being sold.

Mehra and Teller continued in the EOS venture alone, finding Walgreens as their first interested retail account. Target, Walmart and Costco were soon to follow. Once they were in the stores, they wanted to grow quickly. So, they decided to manufacture their own product. This allowed them reliably fulfill the supply in demand issue that so many new companies come across.

The next step was to market towards women between the ages of 25 and 35. They began with the typical magazine and television ads, and eventually grew into using social media and celebrities to advertise their product. Teller has said, “We became the largest advertiser in our category.” EOS can be linked to Keds, Rachel Roy, and even Disney, Alice in Wonderland. The marketing plan worked for the creators of EOS lip balm, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/. They sale over 1 million packages of lip balm weekly, and they are only behind Burt’s Bees in over-all sales within the United States.

ClassDojo is an established App developer that got created with the aim to help in the classroom.it has seen a tremendous growth due to the many experts involved. The experts ensure that they offer the highest possible services to the App users.


In an aid to have the best both in the classroom and outside the school, ClassDojo in series B has raised $21million.The fund is intended to benefit in the implementation of the ClassDojo App that will foster the communication between the parents, teachers and the students. It will enable the faculty and the parents known and be able to predict the changes in the behavior, social and all manner of the activities that the students engage .The App offers a plus to the parents having a busy schedule. The App if well implemented will bring a ground up the change in the industry that will be transferred to more excellence academically. The App will create a community between the three involved parties.


To make the app of a higher value the management of the ClassDojo is figuring out what addition features would be appropriate for the parents at home. The idea behind this is to assist the parents in the tracking the child endeavors at home like in the school.


The app has gained a lot of publicity due to the manner in which the teachers have been using it. They can now be able to post a photo any time of the day and show the parents what they students are doing and the achievements. Moreover, scheduling of any activities is easy as parents get the information in a quick manner from the first hand thus omitting the room for errors.


In the urge to have the app adapted quickly there are no premiums attached to the ownership of the App. It has led the company to gain more than 85000 schools subscribed to the feature. There isn’t any revenue generated. The company is happy to see their efforts leaping fruits. The founder says that their aim is to help the learners and for equality they do not intend to charge anything related to the app application to the classroom. They would instead make parents pay for other features that the app will soon contain.




Businesswoman Susan McGalla is a boss like no other. With that being said, she has no limitation when it comes to doing business. As evidenced by the positions she has held, Susan McGalla is the epitome of a business professional. Compared to most, she is in the top tier of corporate executives. Susan has led corporations with relative ease. Popular brands such as Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters were once under her watch. Not only that, they thrived while under her authority.


Currently, Susan is on the boards of HFF inc. HFF Inc. is a company that is publicly traded. In addition, HFF Inc. provides a host of real estate services. Throughout her career, Susan has always held authoritative positions. Susan McGalla birthed her professional career in 1986. During that time, she held a managerial position at Joseph Horne Company. By 1995, she became a part of the American Eagle Outfitters team. While there, she served as a divisional merchandise buyer.


Eventually, she would become president of the company. In 2009, McGalla declared a farewell to American Eagle and ventured into consulting. By October of that year, McGalla was appointed as the board of directors of HFF Inc. In January of 2011, she became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wet Seal. In all honesty, McGalla comes from a modest background. Originally, Susan McGalla hails from Liverpool, Ohio. This is where she was born and raised. She also has three siblings.


Her father supported their family as a football coach. While at Mount Union College, she received a bachelor’s degree in business. Currently, she is on the board of advisors at the college. By sharing her story with the world, Susan McGalla is empowering to women. In her spare time, she eagerly gives advice to young women at colleges.