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David McDonald was born and raised in Lowa northwest. After he finished his high school education, he got admission at the Lowa State University in 1987, after studying David got the award as an outstanding senior, and the same year he attained a degree in animal science. His career path started in Chicago in OSI Company after his graduation. In all the position that he got in the company, he made sure that he gave his complete best that’s the reason why at the end he attained the rank of becoming the CEO of the company. The other position that David McDonald held in OSI company is that he was the project manager and different other allocations. Also, there was an operation that was carried in Australia by OSI firm that he operated as the SEO.

As he was SEO of the OSI group, he made some changes like improving the sustainability. There was one thing that he coordinated that with time has proved being worthy is that he took the global team and local operations and he organized them together. The goal that he had was that with the coordination the team would have an idea the trends that took place globally and with that, they can still meet the expectations of the clients. They coordination would make sure that OSI group will work in favor of the customers. The merging would oversee that the company was launching new acquisitions and operations.

For the acquiring of Boha foods, David MacDonald’s in August 2016 said that they have plans going ahead with the idea. The acquisition was that Boha Foods would give OSI Group the chance of growing in Europe. So far the results that have been received from the purchase are nothing but good things, for Boha’s products they have been able to complement the products of OSI’s. The demand that the OSI’s products were getting in the marketplace it increased in large rate. Over the years David McDonald has been taking advantage of the opportunities that arise that need him to invest.

The success that David McDonald has been able to achieve in OSI Group is because of the intelligence that he has and for the team in the company they make sure that they execute the plans. The group has excellent leadership, and with that, they are confident that they will achieve all the set goals. In the Lowa State University, he has given the school his support by being active in donating.

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One of the leading experts on the topic of comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry, who is also the founder of the only organization on comparative law, named Center for Constitutional Transitions (constitutionaltransitions.org). Sujit Choudhry believes that it is possible to eliminate the political and social crisis in many countries with the help of methodologies and legal aid provided by the principles of comparative constitutional law. There are many articles, reports, books, and papers that Sujit Choudhry has written on the benefits and methodologies of comparative law in his career, which are used for reference purposes by many of the globally renowned legal scholars, check works.bepress.com.

Sujit Choudhry has served as the professor of law at Toronto University, New York University, and is presently serving at the Berkeley Law College. Sujit Choudhry believes that it is essential that the world governments to start thinking seriously about the implementation of the comparative law in their constitution as it is what would pave the way forward for the necessary legal amendments. Sujit Choudhry, as a leading authority on comparative law, is asked to speak on the subject of many of the global events on legal matters. In one of the events that Sujit Choudhry was invited to talk about the importance of comparative law was the conference organized by Center for Policy and Legal Reforms in Kiev, Ukraine.

A View on the Importance of Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry shared what he thinks about the political situation in Ukraine, and said that comparative law provides the perfect solution to the ongoing crisis in the country. Sujit Choudhry noted that the country has been following the outdated semi-presidential system for many years, and it is what has caused the dilution of power at the top. It makes it difficult for the country’s leader to make necessary decisions without obstructions. Sujit Choudhry also mentioned that the country doesn’t have many active political parties and it is what has made it easier for the foreign powers to infiltrate and destabilize the government with ease. Sujit Choudhry is also the member of the United Nations Development Program and also works as the consultant to the World Bank Institute.

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Over the years, the mission of IC Systems has not changed.

IC Systems was founded by the Erickson family and it has remained in this family for three generation.

Over the years, the Erickson family has always tried to make sure that IC Systems is always an innovative company in the industry of accounts receivable. In 1968, it was one of the first companies in this industry to replaces its typewriters with computers. They have stayed innovative by keeping the regulation and standards of the CFPB, TCPA, 501 (r), etc. The tools of this company are on the cutting edge and it is considered one of the best collection agencies in the country (Linkedin).

‘From St. Paul, Minnesota, the mission of this company has stayed the same. The company’s mission is to make things betters for its consumers and clients. To maintain its mission, IC System offers solutions that are ethical and honest. The company teaches its representatives to be ethical and friendly with its clients. They try their best to maintain good relationships with its customers and make sure that their customers get what they want. The ethics of the company have so good that they won the BBB Torch Award for Ethics for three years in a row (http://reporterexpert.com/ic-system-aids-community/).

The value that the company has in ethics can be seen in the core values that this company has. This company has core values that can be seen in every decision and interaction that IC makes. The first core value of his company is that they treat people with respect. Other core values are that IC System always does the right things, that they always deliver excellent results that they are proud of their company and that they always find the best way to do things. These core values should definitely result in an ethical company.

The mission of IC Systems is to make sure that things are always good for its consumers and those they will continue to fulfill its mission into the future.


The amazing studies being revealed at D’Or Institute for Research and Education which is under Dr. Jorge Moll reveals the brain functioning that leads to the motivation of soccer fans. The study tries to answer the question like, why do sports fans become so much attached to their teams. Why do they get so crazy and staunch diehards? The answer lies in their brains. This study sheds some illumination of the neural basis of prosocial conduct of people attached together by a common focus.


According to Dr. Jorge Moll, the study is very critical because human beings tend to have a unique trait of developing an attachment to their cultural groups. To conduct their research, they recruited 27 soccer fans that were to be used as a specimen in the experiment. These soccer fans were an example of a national group in our day to day life situations.


The aim of the research was to come up with the neural mechanism which is results to altruistic motivation among a group of people with a common aim. During their donation tasks, the fans’ mOFC, which is part of the brain, showed increased activities (Twitter). From this study, some brain modulation techniques can be developed to be used to solve clinical problems.


Neuroscientist Jorge Moll, the head of this study, has been at the forefront of various innovations and studies being performed in the Institute. He studied at Federal University, Brazil and graduated in Medical School in 1994. By 1997 he completed Neurology residency. He later enrolled in the University of Sao Paulo, in the Faculty of Medicine, where he did his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. From 2004 to 2007, he was at National Institutes of Health, NINDS, Cognitive Neuroscience Section, Bethsaida, in the United States where he was for his Post-doctorate research fellow.


Currently, Jorge Moll is not only the President – Director but also the Leader of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit at D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is also a member of Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Society of Neuroscience, International Neuroethics Society and Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Recently, the Centre for Policy Studies announced some of its New Generation initiative. The initiative is a platform that focuses on providing people with a chance to understand newer set of policies that would end up supporting majority of the work in different countries.

The policy program was crafted in the height of Brexit and it is aimed to help the new generation after Brexit understand the new policy ideas for a post-Brexit Britain.

“In the long run, we aim to launch around four major policy programs that will focus on factors that affect the lives of people. Those are taxes, the cost of living, housing and welfare,” said the CEO of CPS.

The aim of the program is to provide people with an in-depth into policies and how people should develop a sense of ownership for them.


CPS to Change its Leadership Structure

With the development of the new policy program, CPS is planning to do an overhaul in its leadership structure from the top. Some of the major adjustments include Alex Morton, Tom Clougherty, Rachel Wolf and Graham Edwards.


Alex Morton

Alex Morton’s responsibility is to oversee the development of these programs. Alex joins CPS from a background of housing and planning hence has the qualities required to direct.


Tom Clougherty

Tom Clougherty is the head of tax. Prior to joining CPS, Tom worked as the head of Adam Smith Institute. Also, he was the managing director of a think tank back in DC hence he is to play a pivotal role for the company.


Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf was commissioned to work with Alex to help remodel the welfare system. Rachel comes from a background of welfare activities such as creation of schools and veteran programs.


Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards will be joining CPS as the new chairman of the Housing Policy. He is currently the CEO of Telereal Trillium, which he has built over the years to make it one of the largest privately owned property company in the UK.


Background History of Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards, the appointed chairman of CPS, has a long history serving in the top positions. He has worked in several company include Telereal before it merged with Trillium. In fact, he played a major role in spearheading the merge.

Graham Edwards comes in as a chairman with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of business. In addition, Graham Edwards is well-known to be a philanthropist thus will play a major role in the welfare sector.

Although Cassio Audi’s current career is in finance, he is well known for his rock and pop music from the 80’s and 90’s. However, his music career began far before this. In fact, Audi began his music career early on as a drummer. Being from Brazil, a country known for samba and other dance genres of music, Audi took a very different approach to his musical style. He made his claim to fame through playing heavy metal music. In fact, he was incredibly instrumental in the formation of the popular musical band, Viper.

Metal music began to arise in the 1960’s, and the backbone to metal music was the drummer.The drummer was paramount in creating the aggressive musical style that metal is known for. Metal was different than any musical genre to date for the innovative drum style. Cassio Audi was one of the founding fathers of this style of drumming along with Jean Dolabella and Ivan Busic. In fact, Audi is regarded as a musical hero to many metal drummers today.When Audi started playing for Viper, he was only a teenager. The rest of the band were some of the most talented musicians in the heavy metal industry.

Being around this caliber of musicians helped Audi grow and soar into the drummer he would ultimately become. Even though he joined in 1980, it wasn’t until he wrote and recorded the drum parts to Viper’s first hit album, “Soldiers of Sunrise,” which was released in 1987. One lesser known fact about this album was that Audi actually composed an entire song on this album.Now Audi works in the marketplace in finances. He left Viper to go to the university and moved into the corporate world. Although a lot of people would know him now as a financial leader, his early life as a musician will never be forgotten.

Louis Chenevert is a famous Canadian businessman who was born in Montreal. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at the United Technologies Corporations. He went to one of the local Universities at Montreal where he attained his undergraduate production degree in business administration. He also went ahead to make sure that he gets ample knowledge to be successful in his career by going for father education where he went for his post-graduate degrees. Louis Chenevert has been in a position to work in a significant number of companies and with his hard work and determination; he has been able to contribute to the success stories of many companies where he worked in.

Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert Worked at the General Motors where he served as the production manager. After some years he joined the Pratt AND Whitney Canada where he was elected as the Vice President of operations. Due to his hard work and commitment in the company, he was elected as the president at the Pratt and Whitney where he served in this position for some years before joining the United Technologies Corporation.

He also worked as a CEO at the Multi Global Company, and this is where he got the idea of the United Technologies since he was able to observe and identify the gap that existed in the market, and he saw that technology as a big trend in the market could be used to increase consumer satisfaction. Technology is an important factor in any business when a business keep updated with the latest technology, and it makes it possible to adjust and be flexible with the changing trends in the market such as a change in consumer tastes and preferences. This is what Louis Chenevert saw that was missing in the market.

As a successful entrepreneur, Louis Chenevert has been taking a chance to encourage and advice other entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams too. He has been able to appear in various interviews on television to share his secrets to success. He has portrayed a good example that should be followed by other business people on how to give back to the community when one becomes successful.


The Fagali’I Airport is in Apia, Samoa. This is a rather small airport; however, it does have a 2267-foot-long runway. If traveling to the Fagali’I Airport, ensure a currency transfer is done over to Tala prior to avoid any hassle after arriving. There are also many hotels in the area and services to take you to and from the airport from the hotel. Some time back the airport was closed to the public for a while, but as tourism began to boom again in the area, the airport was re-opened to the public for both local and international use. During the time the airport was closed the government was still utilizing the facility and when done was sold to Polynesian Airlines and it was then that the airport was re-opened. Since then Polynesian Airlines has strived to provide low cost flights to all of its customers.

Fagali’I Airport acts as a hub for many other countries, tourists, and international flights. It is centrally located to be able to take reasonably priced short flights to near by countries or international flights out. If traveling across an ocean this airport is going to be one of the most important stopping points. Also, although this airport is relatively small it is Samoa’s only international airport, so if traveling over to Samoa, most likely this is the airport that you will use. Flights to Fagali’I Airport are relatively easy to obtain through their website or a travel/flight booking website, such as Travelocity or the many others.

When speaking of small, the town of Fagali comes in around 1,571 people. As far as America is concerned, Samoa Airways handles the flights out of Fagali’I Airport, as well as to Ta’u (Fitiuta), and sometimes flights to Ofu-Olosega Islands. There is also another small airline that provides flights to the many nearby villages and other islands. Overall the Fagali’I Airport is not a bad airport to visit and is very centrally located to many attractions making it a natural hub and desired location for many since being re-opened.

Mr. Randal Alan Nardone alias Randy, is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Randal became the groups C.E.O in August 2013. He also served as Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation.

Randal & Fortress

Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm that provides credit funds and also manages private-equity funds.Randal Nardone has contributed to the growth of Fortress Investment Group in a major way. His experience working in the field of finance would come in handy when in 1988 he partnered with Wes Edens to form the group. Since its inception, Randal Nardone has been an influential figure in its success and he has achieved that in a better way since he became the CEO in 2013. Randal Nardone over the course of his career has demonstrated high professionalism and expert analysis in the field of finance.He has worked in a number of different positions at Fortress Investment Group. This has enabled him to implement and oversee strategies that have had a positive effect on the company.

Finance & law specialist

Nardone has offered his service as a financial specialist to companies and people all over the globe. His clients express satisfaction and feel the commitment Nardone has in their financial affairs.Randal Nardone has not only made his mark in the finance world but also in other disciplines as well. Nardone studied law and earned a masters degree.Over the course of his successful career, he has found ways to integrate finance with the law.

Forbes Ranking

Randal Nardone is ranked position 557 on the billionaire’s list by Forbes.According to Forbes, Mr. Randal has a net worth of 1.8 billion United States Dollars.He became a billionaire while at Fortress Investment Group, together with partners, Robert Kauffman, Michael Novogratz, Wesley Edens and Peter Briger during the companies’ IPO.They later sold a minority interest to Nomura, a Japanese Investment firm, further earning him $1oomillion cash payouts.

More About Randal Nardone

Nardone previously worked for UBS as the managing director.He also worked with BlackRock Financial Management as one of its partners. During his law career, he was a partner in a law firm called Thatcher Proffitt & Wood.Mr. Nardone attended the University of Connecticut, where he successfully graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in English and Biology.He also attended Boston University of Law and he holds a J.D (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from the institution. Mr. Nardone today serves Fortress Investment Group as the chief operating officer and is in charge of financial and legal issues.

Citizens United is notorious for their billionaire members who carelessly spend money on elections. End Citizens United is dedicated to reforming this by bringing change to the campaign’s finance system. They are located in Washington, D.C. and the current president is Tiffany Muller.

As of December 4, 2017, End Citizens United took a step towards this goal of reform by announcing its targets in 2018. The twenty Republican members on this list include, but are not limited to, Ted Cruz, Mike Bishop, Mike Coffman, Erik Paulsen, and Mimi Walters. The organization’s executive director and president, Tiffany Muller, even described those on the list as the “worst of the worst in Congress.” These congressmen and women are known for their excessive spending habits in campaigns, making them easy targets for ECU. Additionally, ECU confronted Dean Heller for voting to repeal health care through Pandora ads, doing a homepage takeover of The Las Vegas Sun, and by spreading the news through a 15-second Facebook and YouTube ad.

The group’s fundraising to bring about political reform for campaign financing resulted in $4 million, and they are expected to raise around $35 million this year. These are gratifying results that seem to have occurred almost immediately, since the organization is fairly new. This progress is presenting exponential growth as they meet each of their goals promptly.

Recently, End Citizens United endorsed Gary Trauner for US Senate, who stated that he – like many others – is refusing corporate special interest money while running for Congress. The organization leads in its efforts to encourage refusal of these funds as they campaign.

There are upcoming elections that ECU supports, such as Kelly’s being praised by the group on March 20, 2018. They illuminated her commitment as a helpful reform movement member and that they are proud to be by her side. Similar actions emphasize the credible and amiable relationships that End Citizens United encourages.

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